Reflecting on our journey

Our development journey with Tezos began in 2019, when we released the first version of TzStats — just on time to replace TZscan. From day one, our goal at Blockwatch was clear: help blockchain ecosystems thrive by providing transparent and reliable data. Our dedication to the Tezos community has not only persisted but deepened, and our latest offering, TzPro, stands as a testament to this commitment: a comprehensive API service delivering unrivaled RPC, DeFi and NFT data.

We're grateful for the support we've received and what we've learned, and we are proud to have made a productive impact. Now, we're entering a new chapter. Read on for a recap and a future outlook.

What we achieved

Throughout the years we've built and maintained a stack of software and services for Tezos, most notably:

  • TzStats block explorer
  • TzIndex, all-in-one zero-conf blockchain indexer for Tezos
  • TzGo, low-level Tezos Go SDK for reliable, high-performance applications
  • TzCompose, an automation tool to setup test cases and deploy complex contract ecosystems
  • TzGen, a code generator to produce pure Go clients for smart contract interfaces
  • TzPro, a comprehensive API service for Tezos data, from low-level RPCs to indexed L1, token, DeFi, NFT and wallet identity data
  • Tezos Polywrap integration, making it easy to use Tezos in any application written in any language

Charting a new course

At Blockwatch, our roots have always been deeply embedded in data engineering. This is what we do best and enjoy the most. With excitement, we announce our new venture: building a planet-scale P2P data warehouse. This bold step is not just a pivot but a progression of our foundational mission to harness data's full potential.

As part of this shift, we're also ensuring that our legacy with Tezos is well preserved. We are collaborating with Tezos Foundation and Trilitech to transition the maintenance and operations of TzStats and TzPro. This move guarantees that these critical components of the Tezos infrastructure will continue to be available and evolve under capable stewardship.

Welcome to the future

Our bond with the Tezos community remains unbroken. We're excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and are eager to explore new ways to support and collaborate with many of the great individuals and organizations we've come to know through Tezos.

We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in the Tezos ecosystem. Your passion and innovation have been a continuous source of inspiration. As we look to the future, we carry forward the spirit of commitment to excellence that has defined our journey thus far. Here's to continued growth and prosperity for all in the Tezos community and beyond!

Keep building,
Team Blockwatch