Remote – Freelance

Blockwatch is an engineering-driven blockchain infrastructure provider with a remote-first company culture, and we are looking for an exceptional Infrastructure Engineer to join our highly-skilled and passionate team. The ideal candidate is an experienced, motivated, self-starting Engineer with a love for building containerized applications in a cloud native development environment.

We believe in the power of blockchain technology and decentralized networks. Our mission is to deliver superior insights, reliable analytics and secure infrastructure for multiple blockchains to help blockchain ecosystems grow to their full potential.

As a Infrastructure Engineer at Blockwatch, you will…

  • work to support new and existing blockchain networks on our platform. This means dockerizing, YAML templating, and otherwise writing code that facilitates different networks running on our self-managed platform every day.
  • build services and infrastructure that help to automate the deployment of blockchain network infrastructure.
  • incorporate monitoring, alerting, and observability to support blockchain networks that allow us to maintain the highest standards of security, reliability and uptime.
  • interact and collaborate with other engineers and team members. Our team prioritizes creating a shared understanding of our systems and all supported networks, and we are dedicated to supporting each other on a daily basis.

You will need…

  • 3-5 years of infrastructure or back-end engineering experience under your belt.
  • the motivation to self-start, and a proven track record of shipping quality products.
  • the ability to proactively manage the needs of a growing company with minimal oversight, i.e. be capable of driving towards solutions independently while seeking feedback when appropriate.
  • experience containerizing modern applications, particularly distributed systems like blockchain networks (though experience with blockchain networks in particular is not a hard requirement).
  • familiarity with Go and the Docker ecosystem, but you don’t necessarily need to be an expert.
  • the drive to build something meaningful in a groundbreaking, entrepreneurial environment
  • Blockchain industry knowledge is mandatory.

A degree in CS is nice, but not required.

To apply please send an email to and include the following information with your email (we can't process your email if this info is missing):

  • Tell us why you are the ideal candidate for Blockwatch?
  • Include your CV as PDF file
  • Include a link to your Github repository
  • Show us a recent project you are working on

Thank you!