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So today we have with us, Kevin Ngo, and Jordan Ellis from Polywrap welcome to the podcast.

Ellis said, "The initial intention behind the project is to facilitate better integrations for web3 projects for applications. And the whole need for this comes from our experience building in the web3 space. We found that protocols are continuing to do a lot of the same legwork over and over again so our particular problem that we're solving is the legwork being done around developing SDKs for web3 protocols. And for example, for all your favorite let's say Ethereum smart contract protocols there are JavaScript SDKs, and we find that with this there's lots of problems that exist.

And so we can talk a bit more about that, but our main driving mission is to create this next generation SDK development experience so that you can not only support applications outside the browser and, also including the browser of course, but allow you to enable lots of other cool functionality that is not possible today with JavaScript SDKs.

And so this applies itself very well to this problem that we're discussing because in the web3 space there's a lot of friction in between smart contracts and the applications that integrate them. So that's like the efficient integration plans. That I was referring to. And then additionally we currently only see web3, really being used in-browser based applications. And so it's not very multi-platform today. And so that's the the build once and use everywhere problem that I was discussing previously."