At Blockwatch, we've been working closely with the Tezos protocol ever since we launched our Tezos indexer and explorer. For the past years, we've greatly improved our Tezos products and the infrastructure around them. Now, we're ready to embark on the next stage of our journey: enriching your developer experience. Welcome to TzPro – a set of powerful APIs and SDKs to work with Tezos more efficiently. With TzPro, we offer the resilience, speed, and flexibility required to deliver robust apps and services that meet professional requirements. Effortlessly navigate through Tezos' intricacies and keep focused on building the best version of your app or service.

As Tezos persists in its relentless pursuit of protocol evolution and with recent advancements in the area of scaling in particular, we anticipate growth in the deployments and user counts of professional apps on Tezos across popular sectors such as DeFi, NFT, DAOs, and more. We're excited to contribute to this new wave of activity and business on Tezos by providing you with the APIs and tools you need to go to market faster and develop a better product.

What's the timeline?

TzPro has been in production use by a few pre-launch partners for some time. Today we're opening our services to a broader group of developers and ecosystem members with an exclusive waitlist.

Secure your spot for a free TzPro account and TzPro API key by signing up on today.

Over the next weeks, we're onboarding small batches of new developer teams and will listen carefully to your feedback. We'll continue to grow TzPro to support more on-chain protocols and more API features in the coming months.

What's in the box?

TzPro offers everything you need to be successful on Tezos. It's by far the most comprehensive API solution for Tezos DeFi and NFT ecosystems as it unifies access to the broadest set of protocols and markets available today.

Blockwatch TzPro Platform Overview

TzPro offers a unified data model for common building blocks such as tokens, DEX pools, staking farms, lending protocols, NFT markets and identity solutions. Activity from different protocol implementations is indexed and mapped to this unified model so that you can seamlessly query live and historic data on all positions, trades, prices, wallet balances, transfers and more across many supported protocols.

But wait, there is more! TzPro combines three layers of APIs under a single roof:

  • Tezos RPC (backed by load balanced Rolling and Archive mode nodes)
  • Tezos Index API (our well-known legacy API for Tezos Layer 1 data)
  • Brand NEW TzPro Token, DeFi, NFT and Identity APIs

Parts of the TzPro APIs will be open and free for the Tezos community including access to new API features for individual wallet addresses. We want you to feel confident in migrating over from the TzStats API and have a richer experience. Only an API key is required for TzPro. Other parts of the TzPro API will be available as a paid subscription. If you run a data scraper or you want to filter and compare across DEX pools and NFT markets, that's what the paid version is for.

The TzPro APIs

To best capture the broad range of existing protocol ecosystems on Tezos in an easy to navigate form, we split the TzPro API into sectors. As blockchain use cases and Tezos itself evolve we'll add more sectors and extend existing ones:

  • 🌮 Tezos Index API – transactions, wallet and contract state, bakers info, etc.
  • 🦊 Tezos Token API – everything about financial assets, NFTs, LPTs, domains, minting, transfers, metadata.
  • 🦄 Tezos DeFi API – in-depth activity, positions, prices across all DEX, farming and lending protocols.
  • 🐳 Tezos NFT API – sales, listings, auctions, prices and analytics across all NFT markets.
  • 🦓 Tezos Identity API – Domains, Profiles, smart contract metadata and curated metadata on well known wallets.
  • 💰 Tezos Price API – fiat prices, token prices, NFT prices.
  • ⚙️ Tezos RPC – ground-truth & mempool data from rolling or archive nodes with the ability to simulate and broadcast transactions.

Read the TzPro developer documentation on for details on all TzPro API endpoints.

TzPro Tezos SDKs & Developer Tools

We are developers ourselves and we are passionate about performance and ease of use. Our aim is to provide you with infrastructure and tooling that enables a more efficient and joyful workflow so you can focus on building better software for our decentralized future. For this reason we offer a set of tools that help you work with Tezos on-chain data more easily.

  • 🛠️ TzGo SDK: our Golang library for working directly with the Tezos Node RPC
  • 🧰 TzPro SDK: our official Golang SDK to use for integrating TzPro APIs into your apps and services.
  • 🔍 TzIndex: high-performance zero-config Tezos indexer available as OpenSource and PRO version.
  • 🌐 TzProxy: a smart caching proxy for expensive Tezos RPC requests that can serve blocks 10-25x faster then a Tezos Node.
  • 🎥 TzEvents: scalable real-time event streaming service for WebSocket and SSE.
  • 🔧 TzAlias: smart contracts metadata toolbox.

What's the Cost?

The free TzPro community plan includes up to 100,000 API calls per month. Professional users and teams can subscribe to Pro and Max plans with higher limits and more features. We'll make more details available on the TzPro website soon. For now, make sure to secure your spot on the TzPro waitlist because there will be special discounts for early adopters.

Let's Talk

Talk to us on our Discord developer support channel, DM us on Twitter or send a mail to hello at For software licensing details, please contact us via licensing at